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free shipping on orders $35+
free shipping on orders $35+

bougie parfumée

Ventures x Adventures is all about creating an affordable lifestyle boost for those who want it.

Our candles use the best products around in order to 'set the mood'...whatever the mood may be.

Hand poured in Boston Massachusetts, every VxA candle is locally sourced and packaged up in the VxA workshop studio with love just for you.

The Candles

citrus x pine

a radical infusion of orange, grapefruit and earthy woods

designed to increase energy and ease tensions during our day to day transactions

vanilla x brown sugar

a relaxing concoction of creamy vanilla and warm brown sugar

designed to relax and unwind your body, mind, and soul at the end of every day

sage x blackberry

a cleansing mixture of rich berries, healing sage, and a hint of rosemary

designed to cleanse the air around you allowing you to start fresh and maintain a level-headed mind

The Combos

day x night

the 'day x night' candle combo was the original VxA product, designed for candle lovers to use every day. while the citrus x pine scent is best for productive day time activities, the vanilla x brown sugar is paired perfectly for a relaxing night in.

travel x tins

try travel versions of all three of our scents in the 'travel x tin kit.' each kit comes with one mini citrus x pine, one mini vanilla x brown sugar, and one mini sage x blackberry.

The Accessories

candle x accessories

did you know that the easiest way to reduce dirty soot and harmful smoke while burning your candle is by using a wick trimmer? say good-bye to black smoke and carcinogens, and hello to a long-lasting, strong-smelling candle.

The Company

customer x support

if you have any questions or concerns regarding our candles please reach out to our customer service hotline. we will get a human to assist you asap.

Hours: Monday through Friday, from 9 AM to 6 PM (EST)

Phone: +1 (617) 725-2671


candles x returns

we understand that things happen. sometimes products break during shipping, sometimes an element get's missed during quality control, etc. at VxA we always try our hardest to optimize the products we send out. if you have any issues with your candle contact a customer service representative and we will make it right.