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free shipping on orders $35+

vanilla x brown sugar


vanilla x brown sugar : a relaxing concoction of creamy vanilla and warm brown sugar to unwind and relax at the end of the day. 

the vanilla x brown sugar candle is one of the most innovative candles on the market. the sweet and homey scent will send you right back to grandma's kitchen. designed primarily for the nighttime, this candle can be burnt everywhere and anywhere to ignite relaxing vibes all around. 

the vessels

our 100% soy wax is grown in the usa. our jars contain 250g of candle which can burn up to 75 hours.

during the last burn, these candles can be transformed into blank vessels ready for a new life. you can enjoy them as cocktail tumblers, or you can keep them to store meaningful objects.

product & scent design: claudio quintana

handmade in boston, ma

usa made glass, natural wax, and pure scents. 

we ship in responsible paper packaging.


love it or we'll make it right.