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free shipping on orders $35+
free shipping on orders $35+

Design Story

the best home-poured minimalistic candle on the market...

ventures x adventures is all about creating an affordable lifestyle boost for those who want one! our candles use the best products around in order to 'set the mood'...whatever the mood may be. hand poured in boston, massachusetts, the vxa candles are locally sourced and packaged up in the vxa workshop studio, located in the heart of the south end.

the company

our company was founded in boston, mass. the founder claudio has always had a passion for enhancing people's lives...and this is his next endeavor. vxa is an inclusive, exclusive brand - all are welcome, but many don't know just how good we are yet. shop our products!

the pour process

our candles are hand poured in boston, massachusetts. we use high quality, 100% pure soy wax, mixed with carefully tinkered concoctions of nature's most beautiful scents.

the vessels 

each candle comes in a chic, reusable, translucent glass that can be cleaned out once the wax has burned all the way through to the bottom of the vessel.

some common uses:
- cocktail glass 
- candy dish
- product container 
- so much more... 

the package

each individual vxa candle is packaged and sent to you with love and care from our studio workshop located in the heart of the south end in boston. packaged up with cushioning crinkle, a handwritten note, and lots of love, we always try to ensure a safe delivery and an exciting reveal.

for more info on shipping and handling check out our faq page...

mix x match

between our white, black, and amber vessels (and our array of aromas) we want to offer our customers the opportunity to mix and match your favorite candles for a discounted price.

check out our 'mix x match' page and explore your candle pairing options.