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free shipping on orders $35+

Journal Submissions

The VXA Journal was started to share the stores that inspired us. It was born to create a forum to share the ideas, projects, and travel stories of those who are all on a mission to build and explore for a better tomorrow. We find this inspiration in surf, travel, innovation, responsible technology, and off the grid reflection. 

We are constantly seeking to expand our horizons by featuring new and exciting work. If you have photography, a short film, a story that you'd like to share with our editors, please get in touch.

How To Submit

If you'd like to contribute, please send us a:

  • Title proposal for your story
  • A few sentences about your story + subject you'd like to speak with
  • Proposed word count / layout
  • Estimated deadline
  • Any materials that would be helpful for your project

If you are submitting your own work, please send us low-res jpegs and a link to your website or portfolio.

We can be reached at